53: How Can We Create Win-Win Systems for Food Systems and the Environment?

As the conversations and concern about the climate crisis continue to grow on a global scale, can be overwhelming on a personal level thinking about solutions. Sometimes we feel an individual burden around our choices when it comes to food, waste, or consumerism. My guest this week, Dr. Philip Loring, is someone I always look to when I need a mental reset about how to approach climate and human wellbeing in meaningful ways.

Phil is the Arrell Chair in Food, Policy, and Society with the Arrell Food Institute, and an associate professor in the department of Geography at the University of Guelph. Phil’s research focuses on the intersection of ecosystem health, human well-being, and sustainability. His research has taken him to such locales as Alaska, Mexico, the Canadian Prairies, Ireland, and Thailand, which we’ll hear a bit more about today. Additionally, he has a forthcoming book called “Finding Our Niche” that explores the potential for win-win scenarios in our food systems, out in fall 2020.

 Today we’re exploring the idea of sustainability and what that really means within food systems, the ways in which reconciliation movements connect with food systems and research partnerships, and what he calls “win-win” scenarios for sustainable ecosystems. His approaches to human and ecosystem wellbeing are always really inspirational to me, and I’m very excited to share this conversation with Phil!

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