Episode 46: From Food Industry to Food Hero with K80 Jones

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I am incredibly excited to kick start our THIRD season today, complete with a brand new theme song by Lukas Wojcicki!  

This season is going to be particularly unique, as I will be sharing some on-the-ground interviews I was lucky enough to do at the 2019 Terroir Food Symposium in Toronto this past May. So for the rest of the summer season, you’ll get a new long-format regular interview every OTHER week, and between these biweekly interviews, I’ll be sharing some mini pop up interviews from Terroir. These are shorter, and admittedly steeped in a lot of noise from the crowds during the event, but they were incredibly moving discussions and I’m really excited to share these on top of the normally scheduled interviews.

SO with that all being said, let me introduce this week’s guest: K80 Jones of one of MY favourite shows, Food Heroes Podcast!


K80 and I established a friendship over social media pretty early on when I started AnthroDish, and we’ve been each other’s cheerleaders ever since. It’s always incredibly cool to establish a connection with someone so far away and then have it turn into a real, tangible conversation around food, something we’re both very passionate about!

For those of you who do not know K80, she is an innovator and self-proclaimed food geek with over a decade of experience in the food industry. She created new product categories while working as a Food Technologist in the Organic and Natural food industry. Her concern for the future of food led to the creation of the Food Heroes Podcast.

Today on AnthroDish, we’re exploring K80’s passion for positive conversation around food systems and sustainability. We explore her past in the food industry and how that’s helped to fuel her show and the themes she tackles on it. We also have a really cool chat about what it’s like hosting and creating food podcasts, so if you’ve ever had questions for K80 or I about what it’s like creating these shows or some of our thought processes while we interview, stay tuned for that too! Many thanks to K80, it’s such a pleasure to connect with fellow podcasters around the topic of food, and I really enjoyed getting to know the woman behind the show more!

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