Terroir Pop-Up 5: Jesse Baillie from Top Shelf Distillers

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Today’s mini episode is a pop-up live from the 2019 Terroir Food Symposium in Toronto this past may. It features Jesse Baillie of Uncle Jesse Cocktails and Brand Ambassador for Top Shelf Distillers. Top Shelf Distillers was born in Perth Ontario, and crafts spirits from locally sourced natural ingredients, with a tree being planted for every bottle sold. I spoke with Jesse about how Top Shelf works with communities to create their spirits, and he shared some really fascinating information about the history of moonshine in Canada as well. Jesse’s one of those people who’s passion for their work immediately shines through, so I hope you enjoy learning from him as much as I did!  

 If you’re suddenly in the mood for a drink after this episode, he was kind enough to share a cocktail recipe with you listeners, which you can find below! You can find Top Shelf Distiller products across LCBOs if you live in Ontario, or on their website below.

Get Social With Jesse! 

Jesse Baillie Promo .002.jpeg