Terroir Pop-Up 4: Ghille Basan, Food Anthropologist and Writer

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This pop-up episode is live from Terroir 2019 in Toronto, with writer, broadcaster, and fellow food anthropologist Ghillie Basan. Based out of the Scottish Highlands, Ghillie has worked in different parts of the world as an English teacher, ski instructor, cookery writer, restaurant critic and journalist. She has a degree in Social Anthropology and a Cordon Bleu diploma, which, along with her passion for different culinary cultures has culminated in over 40 books! Some of these have been nominated for the Glenfiddich, Guild of Food Writers, and Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards.


Ghillie’s most recent book is called Spirit and Spice through Kitchen Press, and was released this past May. She has a reputation for being a spice expert, and hosts whisky and food pairing experiences in her traditional barn by creating flavour toolkits and global menus for Chivas Whisky and Captain Reserve. As a host to many international guests, Ghillie won the Highlands and Islands Innovation in Tourism Award in 2017. In addition to her truly incredible writing and tourism, she is also the creator and host of her own podcast, Spirit and Spice with Ghillie Basan. It’s always a nice treat to be able to meet other food anthropologists out in the real world, and this conversation with Ghillie was pretty special to me – despite many differences in our lives and our paths, there was that core passion for exploring culture through food, and experiences of motherhood while being anthropologists that really resonated with me. 

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Sometimes the choices you make happen because of circumstance.
— Ghillie Basan