Terroir Pop-Up 1: Brad Bodnarchuk from Half a Dozen Hospitality

Brad Bodnarchuk.001.jpeg

Today is the beginning of some pop-up mini episodes of AnthroDish that are focusing in on some of the speakers and guests of the Terroir Food Symposium. These are quick pop-up episodes that capture some of the perspectives of folks in the food industry around the theme of choices – the choices they make within their own work and its impact on their communities, businesses, and selves.

I’m calling these pop-up podcasts because they were all done on the side of a very busy main hall during the food symposium’s event day at The Carlu.  I will warn you that the sound quality of these is not the best, but the conversations I shared with so many amazing food industry folks were really inspiring and worth a listen!

This first pop-up episode focuses on Brad Bodnarchuk, who is the creator and host of the Half a Dozen Hospitality Podcast – we met at the pop-up podcast bar and shared the space during the day at Terroir. I couldn’t have asked for a better or kinder person to work all day with - he’s so passionate about his community and the work he’s doing through the podcast and events around BC is really wonderful to see.  

Be sure to subscribe to his awesome podcast, Half a Dozen Hospitality! You can also check out his show on Instagram @bradbodnarchuk or check out his videos on YouTube!

Listen in the player above to our conversation, or on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher!