Episode 12: Anna Rova of GirlSkill podcast on Food and Wellness in Eastern Europe

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This week I am excited to share my interview with Anna Rova, the founder of Girlskill, which is an online media platform, publication, and podcast that empowers women to live a life of freedom, joy, and creativity. In addition to all her incredible work at Girlskill, Anna is a writer, yoga instructor and location independent entrepreneur.

Anna is a former email marketer, and she loves being on stage sharing her knowledge of relationship dynamics, and feminine/masculine energy and power. Born and raised in Eastern Europe, she is on a mission to redefine female success and femininity. She believes in creating a thriving community of conscious and awakened women through her inspiration, tools, and resources, which will help us all build a better, more sustainable world.

On this week’s episode, I got to ask Anna some fun questions that are a bit different from her usual focus on Girlskill – food! So we discuss her upbringing in Moldova, the roles and traditions surrounding food, and their impact on Moldovan cultures and practices. We explore the nuances of health consciousness and wellness culture and why these themes still aren’t seen much in Eastern Europe. Given her location-independent entrepreneurship, we examine how this lifestyle impacts her health and her nutrition, as well as some exciting and big changes coming to her life this year! Anna is such a fun person to talk to, and it was amazing to listen to the ways in which her food journey has changed and grown throughout her life so far! 

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Website: https://girlskill.com/ 

Instagram:  instagram.com/girlskillofficial 

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 Anna Rova

Instagram: instagram.com/wanderova 

Writing (main): medium.com/@annarova

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