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Official Bio

Photo by  Ash Nayler

Photo by Ash Nayler

Sarah Duignan is a mother, a PhD candidate at McMaster University, and the host of AnthroDish, a weekly podcast about food, culture, and identity. She lives in Toronto, ON, Canada and her PhD research focuses on the anthropology of health, specifically looking at the ways in which environmental contaminants and climate change impact human health physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. During her summers, she also works as a lab manager and bioarchaeologist at the University of New Brunswick's Bioarchaeology Field School at the National Historic Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, an ongoing project in collaboration with Parks Canada to protect and preserve historical burial grounds from ongoing coastal erosion. 

Originally from the small(ish) and beautiful town of Peterborough, ON, Sarah has always felt a strong connection to the environment and natural world. Her research is rooted in this connection, and she focuses on looking at issues through a biocultural lens. This means she likes to think about all the ways in which society, culture, environment, biology, economy, politics, etc. can inform the way people behave and perceive the world. Sarah strongly advocates for critical media literacy through this biocultural approach. 

Through AnthroDish, Sarah explores the many ways that humans connect with each other and their environments through food. She believes anthropology can be an amazing tool to understand human behaviour, but we often fall short of sharing this with the public. Given our current political climate and the alarming rise of untruth, xenophobia, and harmful attitudes about race, gender, sexuality, social status, and so much more, Sarah feels it’s important to highlight the experiences and perspectives of those most impacted by this and aims to share these narratives on AnthroDish.


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Photos by Ash Nayler, Nat Caron, Hugh Whitaker, Brian Rankin, DJ Tran, and Taylor Guitard.


Podcast Interview Features 

I am always excited to connect with other podcasters and radio interviewers - check out some of the previous interviews I've done. Interested in guest swapping? Email me at

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Trickling down knowledge about water quality concerns with Sarah Duignan on The AlmaMAC Radio Show (CFMU 93.3)


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