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Why Food, culture & Identity?

AnthroDish is a weekly podcast about the connections between food, culture, and identity through an anthropological lens. Each week a new guest joins me to discuss a food-related topic that relates to their expertise or experience.

My goal on this podcast is to explore the many ways that food relates to our cultures (and sub-cultures) as well as our personal or community identities. I want to dig deep and explore how food cultures are maintaining age-old traditions, how new undercurrents in food cultures emerge, and how foodways influence our world broadly but also how they occupy space in everyday lives.

While I want to showcase new and exciting research coming out of academia, my aim is to feature guests with stories that explore the unique and fascinating lives of people who have been shaped by their relationship with food. Anthropology can be an amazing tool to understand human behaviour, but we often fall short of sharing this with the public. Given our current political climate and the alarming rise of untruth, xenophobia, and harmful attitudes about race, gender, sexuality, social status, and so much more, I feel it’s important to highlight the experiences and perspectives of those most impacted by this, and aim to share these stories and knowledges on AnthroDish. Knowledge comes in many forms: years spent in school, cultural knowledge and traditions passed to new generations, apprenticeships, personal and self-taught crafts, and in so many other ways! All of these forms of knowledge offer important lessons, and come together to shape how we understand our food, our selves, and our sense of belonging and community. I’m excited to break down barriers to communication, and bring the food stories my guests may not otherwise get to share with broader audiences and networks.

So if all of that speaks to you in some kinda way, then you're in the right place with AnthroDish! Check out our most recent episodes here

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AnthroDish is proudly produced in collaboration with the American Anthropological Association.